What are the little superscript numbers in the "Transcript of Shorthand"?

Here is an example from the Anniversary Functional Method p204 (imagine the numbers in parenthesis look like footnotes):
Ray had a meal late in the day.  Will Mary eat a meal in the train?  Mary would take tea.  Ray will claim Mary will(1) not eat a meal in the train.  Her headache will delay her.  A man will heat the tea.  He will not heat the meat in the(2) metal kettle.:

The Anniversary Functional Method has the following remark at the beginning of the key p203: "(Counted in groups of 20 standard words)"  So are these numbers marking groups of 20 standard words?  How are they used?

Thinking I had this figured out I counted the words before (1) and counted 25 words.  There are 26 words between (1) and (2).  Hmm.  What is a standard word?  Is there some way of consistently counting these words to get 20 words between each superscript?

Can anybody answer these questions?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I am loving shorthand.  I just received a shipment of four Anniversary books.  It was like a second Christmas!

(by Matthew for everyone)

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