26 February 2009

What's this book?

Hi, Just saw a listing on ebay for " Words: Spelling Pronunciation Definition and Application (with Index to words)".  Is this a s...

23 February 2009

Meeting Study Buddy in Three Days

I finally asked in a local, general-purpose online group if anyone is interested in learning / reviewing shorthand. On Thursday afternoon ...

21 February 2009

Is there a rule for the words beginning with 'can'?

Candy -- kde ; candle -- kdl ; but then why cancel -- kan/s ; and canister -- kan/e/st/e      ? (by mike for everyone)

19 February 2009

Technical book on Ebay

There's an interesting looking "Chemical & Technical Stenography" in Gregg on Ebay right now. Published 1947, apparently. ...

09 February 2009

Coming back

It's been a long time since I last became interested in learning shorthand (Last time was somewhere around August and September of last ...

02 February 2009

Seeking information on book

Could someone please post some information (table of contents perhaps) on the book by Louis Leslie, "Functional Method Dictation" ...