25 August 2009

Recommended reading?

I am reading "The History of Gregg Shorthand", based on Mr. Gregg's writings, and edited by Mr. Leslie, published in 1964.  I&...

23 August 2009

Spanish Shorthand Books

http://www.taquigrafiagregg.blogspot.com Libros de Taquigrafia en EspaƱol, varios sistemas. (by JUSTO for everyone)

20 August 2009

Estenografia Gregg

Pages 102 to 105, in (Brazilian) Portuguese Attachment: Estenografia_Gregg_ptbr_102_105.zip (by Shorthandeiro for everyone)

19 August 2009

Soliciting ideas

The right hand side of the page (the blue bar), more specifically the area below the "Report Abuse" link, can be customized to add...

18 August 2009

Trying Out Pens

So I've read so much that I should be using a fountain pen that I decided to go look at what I could get.  So I went to the local Patric...

14 August 2009

Gregg Notehand, Second Edition (Excerpts)

Gregg Notehand, Second Edition (Excerpts) These are a number of scans of the Gregg Notehand textbook. (by Osvaldo for everyone)   ...

13 August 2009

Writing pointers

Hi All, So I am beginning to write Simplified shorthand. Right now I am making copies of pages in the manual and just tracing the shapes...