A little guidence on starting to write please

So I have completed the part of the Anni Functional Method that indicated reading only.  Now I have read Assignment 22, and I am wondering how to proceed.  I had the same question when I got to this point in Simplified, and just punted and read the rest and never wrote Simplified at all.

How was writing taught when using the Functional method?  I just can't jump in at Assignment 22.  There are too many unknowns.  Why does the loop go like that in this form? etc.

So my approach since I have the regular manual and Speed Studies is to go back to the beginning and learn the strokes as they were introduced in the manual.  This is fine for me in terms of motivation.  It could be a little discouraging I guess, but I am not worried about it.  Is this a good approach?

And should I do this in parallel to continuing in reading the functional method?  Or should I catch up with writing and then pick up the functional method again doing both reading and writing?

If this has been covered previously, I'm sorry, but I would like some guidance.  I am particularly helped by the way it was taught. And if anyone would offer to guide me via correspondence I'd be very grateful.  By scanning my writing or even by good ol' US Postal.

Thanks in advance,


(by Matthew for everyone)

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