Anniversary "Class" Message Board

Because I found the teacher's manual I had to the "Functional Method" and I would really like to learn this thoroughly, I got the crazy idea to start a message board with assignments on them.
So because I was bored and thought it would help me more, I started one at ProBoards.  I decided to use both the Functional Method and Anniversary manuals because the Anniversary one is scanned on line as a free PDF.  And both can help me out.  I figure and Assignment a week for Functional Method or 2 weeks for a Unit in the Anniversary book.  I believe the Functional Method was a 2 year course anyway (read it here, I believe).
I don't have much there yet. and I'll link this board (oh, that's what I need, a links page)
Here it is if you'd like to check it out.  I'll only be posting assignments as I get to them myself.  But I suppose others could be posted by "class" members.

(by Deborah for everyone)