Dictation Uploaded

Finally! Well, partially.

Some of the files I prepared for myself are up. They're Simplified Functional. The lessons are the same as the regular Simplified, but there are a few more.

So far, only some of Assignments 11 and 12 are up. The rest are waiting.


The files are pretty large. Each file contains several speeds of a single passage, and is 5 to 15 MB. I will experiment with lower sample rates later.

If there's a way to organize the files here so they're easy to find, I'd be happy to transfer them.

Help in completing the set would be appreciated -- either recording or changing the tempo. Contact me first so we don't work on the same things. The recordings don't have to be exact, just a constant speed in the middle of the range. I use the cheap mic that came with the computer.


(by Cricket for everyone)