Dictation WPM in 20 Standard Words

This is in a PDF file so everyone can access it.  This gives the times for dictation.
So for example, when you see a mark (such as a 1 or a slash ) in the transcript, you can use the chart to choose what speed you want to dictate it for.
At 60 wpm, you would dictate to the first mark at 20 seconds, the second mark at 40 seconds and so on until you get to the end of the column.  If the dicatation material is longer then 2 minutes, you start from the beginning of the column in the attachment.
Then you can do the same with say 70 wpm.  First mark at 17 seconds, second mark at 34, etc.
It's attached.

Attachment: dictation words per minute.pdf

(by Deborah for everyone)

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