Uploading personal day-to-day note samples?

I'm really interested in the kind of notes actual people are writing using shorthand these days. I mean, I feel like the only examples I've seen in books are business dictation letters and typical "this is how a female secretary must behave around her employer" advice that I'd like to see a wider variety of subjects written in shorthand.

Personally, I write my notes in shorthand in my three classes in college right now: organic chemistry, the history of writing systems, and cellular, molecular, developmental biology. So if anyone is interested in seeing what "that looks like," (especially the science classes) I'm willing to scan/take a picture of a page of two of my notes.

On the flipside, if anyone else is using shorthand to write words like "dexoyribose, beta-galactosidase, eukaryotic, ribosomal, exergonic reactivity," I'd REALLY like to see your notes and abbreviations for science words.

I'll scan a page today after my classes, hopefully. If I remember that is. I hope someone else is willing to show us their "work?"

(by Stan for everyone)