A question about moving between versions

I am new to this group and have enjoyed the postings on this site very much.  I began speed writing while in grad school and recently became interested in GS.  I write allot and will mainly use GS for my own writing and occasional notes.   Thus, I began learning anniversary and then decided I should start with simplified since it appears easier to learn and will meet my needs. 

I really like the functional method described in this group's postings and ordered the GS Simplified Functional Method.  I received the DJ series by mistake.  I have since reordered the Simplified version. Would it be feasible to begin with DJ, then move to simplified down the road?  I am not talking about a few lessons in one and then a few in the other.  I am talking about learning all of the DJ theory which will allow me to begin writing and working on speed and then moving into simplified to pick up brief forms and principles for increased speed later on.   

What got me thinking was the 1964 study listed in the documents area comparing DJ with Simplified.  It seems that it would be good to get to where I could write with some speed and then make a jump. Also, the article on speed training by Swem recommends going back through theory while working on speed.  Would it be a bad idea to get to 80 or 100 wpm in DJ, then move into Simplified working mainly on speed while incorporating new brief forms and strokes as I go?  

What I can't tell is how different the systems are aside from vowel marks, phrasing, and brief forms. These seem like adjustments that can be added along the way.  Is there more? 

Thanks for your help and for this great group!


(by Ryan for everyone)

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