Examples of my bio notes -- Critique me!

These are excerpts from the notes I took in my bio class. I tried to use the "nd" version of and (instead of the dot) but I was writing kind of fast so in general it looks sort of sloppy (what is shorthand for?). And I was tired. But here's how each page should start out because I know it makes a lot more sense even if you just know how it begins... Another note: it's paraphrased dictation -- not what one would consider normal "lecture notes."

Page 1 : (... why more energetically active animals) "would want a closed circulatory system. But I talked about how if you have a closed system, it has to obey Ohm's Law which states that flow is driven by a pressure gradient..."

Page 2: "So the last time we talked about circulatory systems, I told you that I wanted you guys to think about the circulatory system as three different types of thought experiments. The three possibilities (of arrangements) are first, the 'railroad' system (in which) the train tracks..." (My prof has weird wording sometimes...)

Page 3: "So that one heart that beats at a low pressure. (That is) so that it doesn't blow out the lungs and one at a high pressure..." (This one you need to see the page before it in order for it to make sense. But he was talking about having a right and left side to the heart -- two hearts, one at a high pressure to get blood up to your head and the other low enough that it doesn't explode the microscopic capillaries of your lungs...yeah..)

Anyway, I posted these because I told you guys that I keep confusing my "nd" strokes with my "there"s and some other words that begin with "nd" -- I made my own analogical beginning for "endo-" which is just "nd" detached in front of the rest of the word: endothermic = ND/THEM, endergonic = ND/GN, endoscopy = ND/SKE.

Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions! And I know my proportions are off sometimes. I was tired and I can read my own writing, which is all that matters! :)

(by Stan for everyone)

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