Hesitation after Phrases

This seemed strange, until I thought about it. I often hesitate after phrases, rather than making good use of the saved time.

I think it's because I still hear the words in my head at a fairly constant rate. "You may be able" takes 4 beats, even though it's only one outline (and a nice smooth one at that).

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any ideas for getting past it?

I push most passages to 60wpm, starting with reading, then copying from the text, then from recorded dictation at 40,50,60,70,80, and back to 60. Sometimes I copy from the text between dictations. If the first take at 60 is fine, I skip the overclocking. On confident days I skip some of the earlier speeds.

Any ideas? Would it be the rather metronomic (is that a word?) way I record the dictation files? Would copying from the plate or a text version help? Should I just keep pushing the speed as I have been and it will eventually shake out?

Thanks in advance,

(by Cricket for everyone)