Gregg Shorthand Speed Development Tape Library

I'm in the process of transferring my collection of tapes (cassettes and reels) belonging to the Gregg Shorthand Speed Development library to MP3s. It's going to take a while because I have quite a few recordings! I'm intending to post these here for the benefit of people who want to brush up their dictation speed.

The first part of the project will be transferring cassettes. These go from 80-150 wpm. The first cassette ranges from 80-100 wpm, and a little sample of it is posted here: Gregg Shorthand Development Speed Library. My collection of reels is much more varied, and contains recordings from 50-150 wpm, but those will have to wait for now because it is easier to transfer from cassette than from reel. Without a doubt, listening to these would bring back memories to some of you.

If there is a particular speed range that you want me to post first, I would do so. Just let me know.

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