New Member Intro/Looking for Suggestions

Gregg enthusiasts,

I just found this forum, or is it a blog system being used as a forum?  I thought I'd post an intro and ask for some suggestions. 

I'm Kevin.  I started exploring the shorthand world while searching for something to help with taking more complete minutes at monthly meetings.  I quickly became fascinated, and a little bewildered, by all the possibilities.  Since Gregg is the most popular system in the US I started there.  I read somewhere, but can't remember where, that Gregg shorthand is meant to be transcribed shortly after the dictation is taken.  Is that true?  I'd prefer a system that can be read accurately long after the dictation is taken.  I spent some time checking out other systems such as Pitman's, Teeline, and Thomas Natural.  I like some of the concepts of Pitman's. For example, on page:

part way down it shows the outline for dreading and says:

It says "dreading". Not "dr/g" or some dumb abbreviation like that, but "dreading", clear as day.

While I like some of Pitman's concepts  I'm not crazy about trying to write Pitman's, especially with modern writing implements.  I have a small collection of fountain pens but none have a flexible enough nib for Pitman's. 

I've now come back for another look at Gregg shorthand.  I'm having trouble choosing a version to try.  I think I'm leaning towards Anniversary.  I just discovered the functional method books a few days ago and have book one of the 1936 edition on it's way to me.  If I decide to stick with Anniversary, does anyone have any other book suggestions?  Or, would it be better to go with another version.  I've already collected a few Simplified and DJS books.

Also, does anyone know of any active Gregg mailing lists?  I prefer mailing lists to online forums.

(by Kevin for group greggshorthand)