Track your Reading/Writing speeds

Hi all,

I'm posting a spreadsheet that I use to track my reading progress (screen shot at left), in case there are any people out there who are like me and enjoy seeing a snapshot of their learning progress, etc.

Each line item refers to a paragraph of shorthand in one of the texts (right now I'm pulling from the Anniv. Manual, Fundamental Drills and the Functional Method.)  I add new lines to the spreadsheet as I progress through each chapter.

When I sit down to practice reading, I can sort the sheet and see what sections are taking me the longest to read, and I can work on those.  I also added data bars (Excel 2007) which help me see how my speeds compare to each other.  They're also useful in comparing the lengths of various passages.

If I re-read a passage and my time improves, I update the sheet and re-sort it by WPM.  This may not be something every shorthand learner would be interested to use, but I've attached a copy if you want to play around with it.  It's very helpful to me in determining how well I'm retaining the material that I'm learning.

- Michael


(by Michael for group greggshorthand)

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