Technical Vocabularies from the Gregg Writer

This is a collection of specialized vocabularies and reporting shortcuts, reprinted from the Gregg Writer (up to 1941). Although the lists were written in pre-anniversary and anniversary, writers of all series could benefit from these as well.It contains:

1. Special Forms for Accounting Terms
2. Technical Terms Used in Public Accounting
3. Army Terms and Phrases
4. List of Technical Words Used in Automobile Correspondence
5. Technical Vocabulary for Aviation Terms
6. Technical Vocabularies -- Banking and Financial Terms
7. List of Technical Words Used in Building and Architecture
8. Complete List of Chemical Elements (as of 1928)
9. List of Minerals with Chemical Formulas
10. Electric Cars and Car Building
11. List of Terms Used in Government Geological Work
12. Import and Export Terms
13. Legal Terms and Phrases
14. General Medical Vocabulary
15. Forms for Special Groups (Medical)
16. Standard Psychiatric Terms
17. Technical Terms for Motion Picture Trade
18. List of Technical Words Used in Music
19. Technical Terms -- Navigation
20. Special Forms for Navy Terms
21. Opthalmological Terms
22. Railway Stenographers' Technical Terms
23. Technical Terms Used in Steamship Lines
24. Technical Vocabulary -- Structural Steel and Iron
25. Ship Construction Terms
26. Convention Phrases
27. Terms Used in Congressional Debates
28. Reporting Phrases that Speed Up the Taking of Testimony
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