Digitizing Books in Gregg Shorthand

I tried to post all of the links and details here, but this site won't let me post everything.  Here is a Facebook page link to work that I did to get a few Gregg Shorthand books digitized from library collections.  So far, I paid to digitize:
--The Sign of the Four (1919?  The only version created, which matches the 1912 Gregg Manual)
--The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (first version from 1912, matching the 1902 Gregg Manual)
--The Art of Making A Speech (written in Shorthand from the 1920's)
--The 1898 Gregg Shorthand manual

I have already received the PDF downloads.  They are decent quality though mostly scanned in black and white.  The resolution could be higher, but they are fairly well scanned.

After Kirtas books updates their web pages, you can order these as PDF files for 1.95.  I don't make anything off of that.  I just wanted to get those digitized because they were not available as PDF downloads on the Library World Catalog web pages.


(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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