Adobe Illustrator for Shorthand Purposes

I have recently begun getting into drawing vectors in Adobe Illustrator and learning the pen tool.  It is very satisfying to be able to make images of logos, etc., that are defined according to their points and contour, so that when zoomed in, they never pixelate.  Yesterday, I spent about thirty minutes drawing out the old Gregg Publishing Company logo.  This is a large rendering of it:  The .eps of it could be used to make really sharp printings of it, if such a need ever arose, say in digital restoration of an old Gregg book.  Here is a large rendering from my .eps of the double-ellipse logo:

Does anyone else here ever use Adobe Illustrator like that?  I think it could be a useful tool for future publications on Gregg Shorthand.  Just goofing around, I made a replica of the first couple of pages of the Esperanto adaptation to see how possible it was to replicate a Gregg book digitally.  The attempt is here:

(by Andrew for group greggshorthand)

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