Intensive Gregg Shorthand by the McCann Method (1942)

I received this from a used-book seller on amazon, one of those annoyingly frequent cases of ordering one thing and receiving something quite different. Ordinarily, when a mis-listed item ends up in my eager hands, I'm furious. But this time I thought maybe I had something special.

I have great respect for home-grown efforts of this nature—a self-published method banged out on an old typewriter and copied on some primitive mimeograph machine. It was published in a steno pad format. The first page of the intro is missing, and as the pad had to be flipped for continuation the last page of instruction might also be missing.

My "deduction" is that Mr. and/or Mrs. McCann taught shorthand and that this is a compilation of lessons they put together for their classes. There were numerous pencil marks (which I edited out) some of which indicated that this method was indeed used as a text in a classroom setting.

I checked with the seller, and it appears that this was among a box of books that were intercepted at the landfill (where her husband works.) So it just narrowly escaped—and I'm guessing it didn't have a very large print run to begin with.

In addition to the usual reasons for posting, I thought with as much time and effort as the McCanns must have invested in this project, they deserved another opportunity to demonstrate the merits of their approach. :-)
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