Swem & Tarr in the NYT

Here are some PDFs of old New York Times articles that mention Charles Lee Swem and Salome Lanning Tarr.

Aug. 3, 1912 - Girl Typist's Speed Surprises Wilson; Salome Tarr Takes His 6,000-Word Speech at the Rate of 150 Words a Minute.
(And she was just 19.)

Aug. 25, 1912 - Is Speed Stenography a Gift or Hard Work?
(Fascinating article, also features Paula E. Werning.)

Jan. 16, 1913 - Miss Tarr Gone For Good?
(Miss Tarr evidently didn't take kindly to Mr. Swem's admonishing her on the speed of her work. Anyone know how this turned out? I assume she came backā€”this is when Wilson had been elected but not yet inaugurated.)

Feb. 26, 1913 - Picks Star Stenographer
(Pres. Wilson picks Swem as chief stenographer!)

Mar. 7, 1913 - Pres. Wilson searches for a replacement for Miss Tarr.
(She couldn't work in the White House, because women stenographers were unknown there.)

Jan. 17, 1913 - Jasper Entertains Wilson
(Jasper was a trained dog. There's just a passing reference to Swem & Tarr here, about how impressed they were at the dog's typing speed. Errrrrr, yeah . . .)

The Gregg Writer (on google books) has an article about Miss Tarr entitled "Miss Tarr Wins National Fame as Governor Wilson's Stenographer."

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