Shorthand Terminology

I've occasionally run across terms that are apparently part of a vocabulary unique to our field. Examples would be (from Reporting Shortcuts 1922):

Word-carrying faculty – The ability to trail a speaker, recalling the spoken words ahead of writing them down.

BUSTED – What happens to a shorthand writer after falling hopelessly behind and losing a chunk of dictation.

A few terms I still haven't grasped include solid matter and connected matter. I assume "literary matter" is just a selection from some classic work of literature.

(There are a few others that I've run into but can't recall offhand, so I thought perhaps we could return to this thread when new terms pop up?)

Any help on those two terms would be appreciated. In fact, if anyone knows offhand a list of the differing types of dictation material, including those two, that would be a bonus!   :-)

(by Joel for group greggshorthand)