So a new quarter is a startin' and I need some thoughts

So as you may already know I am both an avid student of Gregg shorthand as well as machine stenography. Next quarter I begin my senior year of linguistics study at the UW. My conundrum is that I would traditionally use Gregg to take notes but now that I have my steno machine I'm presented with two options: take my notes in Gregg as always and then rewrite the notes later. Take my steno machine to class and instantly have a translation of all the shorthand + really effing good notes.

The complexity comes in when you factor the following.
1. I am faster at machine shorthand than Gregg. (180ish on machine vs. 90-100 Gregg)
2. Gregg is hell of a lot of convenient and less conspicuous. (I dont have to lug in stenography equipment and setup a realtime feed on my laptop -- tripod, cables, and all) And thus won't have to worry about awkward glances especially if I am called upon to answer a question or we break out into group discussions.
3. With Gregg I am forced to reread the material but on the machine I would be going over the entire transcript any way as a court reporter would to edit untranslates and correct any slops.
4. I am going to be doing academic CART (captioning) for deaf and HH, so it would be basically an exact simulation of what I will be doing day to day if I take the machine.
5. Some friends have expressed their interest in purchasing PDFs or Word formatted documents of the lecture transcript.

Decisions Decisions.

Also, I don't want my Gregg to go to crap just because I'm using machine steno as my only form of stenography. Blarhgsdgh.

 (by Stan for group greggshorthand)