The Gripe Thread

I'm assuming that we all like writing Gregg, but once in a while we come up with something about the system, or about the book, or about the method of study, or about the materials that we don't like. I created this thread to collect all of those thoughts. Please feel free to share your gripes about Gregg here, but be specific. For example, one thing that I find lacking in the system is that the introductory books don't teach basic reporting shortcuts, such as outlines of simple questions like "what is your name and address?", "where do you live?", or common answers such as "yes, sir", "I don't know", etc. I can name other things as well, such as specific outlines, or word terminations that I don't like (the -ate endings in Anniversary are a pain, for example).

So, if you were to change something from Gregg Shorthand, whether from the instruction books, the system itself, or whatever, what would you change and why? What do you think is missing? The purpose of the thread is not to criticize your choice, nor to reply "you could do this or that instead", but to serve as a sound board. I'm just curious. When you reply, please state the series your gripe refers to if appropriate.

Incidentally, if you think Gregg is perfect the way it is, say it so too.

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