This passage is cursed

Cursed, I tell you. Cursed.

I've recorded it four times so far. I even went down to 40wpm for recording, since the quality survives speeding up much better than slowing down. It might not be worth the effort at that speed, since I can usually reach close to that by reading either the plate or the text as I write, even though that's a lot more eye movement.

It's taken several takes to get anywhere near the target speed after only 40 words. I've marked it into 14-syllable chunks now, so I can check the every 10 words (quarter minute at this speed).

Audacity has crashed three times, always after a lot of work, usually a clean recording of the whole thing. 129 words at 40wpm is over four minutes of reading. (I just realized: Yes, I have been saving often. Maybe I should have tried the old file rather than deleting them in frustration. I'm trying to create all the speeds at the same time. Possibly my brain is cursed, not the passage.)

One more try then I quit for the day, without ever touching pen to paper. For the next session, I might try to record at the target speed rather than change the speed.

At this rate, it's taking me longer to create the recordings than to use them!

Does anyone have any pointers for recording dictation material, or samples of what it should sound like at this speed? I assume it should be somewhat even rather than say ten words and wait till the quarter second is up.

(by Cricket for everyone)