Free shipping, UK to Canada, The Book Depository

Normally when the AbeBooks search brings up too many to deal with, I limit by continent. This time I was looking for specific (non-Gregg) book, then of course checked their inventory to see if I could slide some Gregg books into the same box.

Free shipping! American stores were charging $20 and up to ship two books. Unfortunately, the total was still too much and my son's book won over shorthand, sigh. I'll save it as incentive for the next milestone (assuming I don't find it even cheaper before then).

The Book Depository

They also have many reprints / bound photocopies / OCR books. In fact, it looks like that's their entire inventory. Sometimes the date listed is the date they scanned it rather than the date of first publishing, but we're used to that sort of thing. I wish they'd scan a copy of the copyright / publication data page rather than the cover!

The two American stores I looked at today had very similar offerings with higher shipping, so I suspect they buy from this place and mark-up. Hard to say.

(by Cricket for group greggshorthand)