A dictionary for shorthand writers, sans vowels

Here is an interesting resource, a dictionary that omits vowels:


No publication date is found, but it looks 19th Century-ish. The full title is A Shorthand Dictionary comprising a complete alphabetical arrangement of all English words, written without vowels adapted to all systems of shorthand writing and designed for the use of gentlemen connected with the press, the bar, the pulpit, and other professions. (Yeah, that has to be 1800s.) The author is J.B. Dimbleby.

Of course, a reference of this sort probably has greater relevance and utility for Pitmanic writers. (The author's remarks seem to take for granted the non-existence of connective vowel systems) But it may be some use to Gregg enthusiasts as well. And it's fascinating to peruse.

(by Joel for group greggshorthand)

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