Gregg Writer 1930-1931

If anyone has copies of the Gregg Writer for November 1930 through June 1931, I need your help.  Please scan Page ii toward the front of those magazines and post the pages.  Page ii lists the Gregg Publishing Company Offices.

I'm trying to establish what month the Gregg Publishing Company Sydney, Australia, Office was opened.  I know that it was sometime between October 1930 and September 1931.  This helps to determine the dates of certain Gregg books that have no copyright or publication dates.

Please note the following in the attached document:
--The first page is from the Gregg Writer Oct 1930.  It lists the Australian Office, but only the name and address of an Agent is listed.  This is not an official office.
--The second page is from the Sept 1931 American Shorthand Teacher.  It contains an ad listing the Sydney Office.  So we know that the Sydney Office was opened by this date.
--The third page is from the Gregg Writer Oct 1932.  It lists the Australian Office as the Gregg Publishing Company on Nithsdale Street.  It is not just the name and address of an agent.

I'm trying to find the first issue of the Gregg Writer from Nov 1930 through June 1931 that lists the Australian Office on Nithsdale Street, instead of listing the address of an agent.  When the Sydney Office opened, Gregg books and ads starting listing that office along with NY, Chicago, SF, Boston, Toronto, and London.

Thanks in advance.
Attachment: 1930-1932GreggWriterCopyrightpages.pdf

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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