Tales From Shakespeare: Hamlet - 1915-1916 - Matches Pre-Anniversary 1902 Manual

This is the first Gregg Shorthand version of Hamlet written in Gregg Shorthand. This version was first published between July 1915 and July 1916 (Publishers' Weekly American Educational Catalog). This printing is from 1919-1920, based on the Gregg Offices listed on the title page. The shorthand plates match the 1902 Pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual. The English text version of this book is found in the chapter "Hamlet: Prince of Denmark" from "Tales of Shakespeare" by Charles and Mary Lamb. There is a later paperback version of this book with a green cover (circa 1931) with Gregg Shorthand plates that matched the 1929 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.
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