Xmas Carol - 1st Gregg Edition - Published 1918

Here is the first Gregg Shorthand version of A Christmas Carol.  It was published in 1918.  It matches the 1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual.  The same plates by Winifred Kenna were used in "Short Classics in Shorthand" (1927), which featured five short novels.  An Anniversary edition was created around 1944 with plates by Winifred Kenna Richmond.

This version is heavily abridged.  Only 20% of the Dickens novel is included in this shorthand version.  It was so heavily edited that the Ghost of Xmas Past only had time to show Scrooge his birth town and school room with him sitting alone at a desk.  His sister Fann, girlfriend Belle, and boss Fezziwig are nowhere to be found.

Attachment: XmasCarolPA1916_Pub1918.pdf

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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