28 July 2010


Attachment: VARIATIONS ON SHORTHAND SPEED PRACTICE - 01.doc (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)

26 July 2010

Mad Men shorthand

Mad Men shorthand My friend posted this on my facebook asking if I could read it. It's a screen cap of Mad Men (TV show) and the guy is supposedly taking ...

Group Cleanup

In the past few years, our group has increased considerably in size (yippee!). However, some users have never posted nor lurked in the site....

Another soldier passes

An obituary of Mrs. Patricia Carmody, believed to have been the last shorthand court reporter in Michigan. She was a Gregg writer, the dates...

25 July 2010

Digitizing Books in Gregg Shorthand

I tried to post all of the links and details here, but this site won't let me post everything.  Here is a Facebook page link to work tha...

22 July 2010

A helping (short)hand needed

A helping (short)hand needed Dear friends, there is an obstacle again to my mastering the fundamentals of Anniversary Gregg, marked with red in the attached file. Aid ...

21 July 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

In commemoration of the 41st anniversary of the landing on the moon, I took an interesting article from the February 2006 issue of Boys'...

17 July 2010

Request for assistance

Request for assistance Dear group members, as a newcomer to this wonderfully useful group and an absolute beginner in studying the system of Gregg Shorthand, I n...

16 July 2010

IBM Keyboards

I ran into this NPR piece about the classic IBM Model M keyboards, probably the best keyboard ever built, as they were very solid. If ...

14 July 2010

Congressional Record Vocabulary

A small pamphlet published in 1936 with useful shortcuts and phrases often heard in Congressional testimony; written in Anniversary, though ...

The Boy Who Made Steam Work for Us

A short selection about James Watt, taken from the reading book "Doorways to Adventure", and written in Series 90. Attachment...

A Tale of Two Secretaries

Taken from Today's Secretary, June 1968, and written in DJS. Attachment: a-tale-of-two-secretaries.pdf

A Typewriter Mechanic Talks Back

From Today's Secretary, November 1951, in Simplified Gregg. Attachment: a-typewriter-mechanic-talks-back.pdf

Do You Speak "Headlinese"?

From The Gregg Writer, April 1944, in Anniversary Gregg. Attachment: do-you-speak-headlinese.pdf

What is a Cyclone -- and What Isn't?

A selection taken from The Gregg Writer, June 1927, written in Pre-Anniversary. Attachment: cyclone.pdf

04 July 2010

Gurney Shorthand

I noticed that Charles Dickens was a shorthand reporter before becoming the famous author we all know. It normally took a student of Gurney ...

02 July 2010

Polish Gregg shorthand - anybody could help?

Hello everyone! I'd written to you somewhere on this group a comment, several months ago asking if anybody knows something about Polish ...