31 October 2010

Columbus Reports His First Impressions of America

This piece appeared on the October 1941 issue of The Gregg Writer, and it is written in Anniversary. Attachment: columbus-reports

The Hen Fruit Was Ripe

A small essay written in Anniversary that appeared on The Gregg Writer, October 1949. Attachment: the-hen-fruit-was-ripe

Home Office Secretary

A selection from the October 1963 issue of Today's Secretary, written in Simplified. Attachment: home-office-secretary

28 October 2010

A John Robert Gregg Biography online

I ran across this and thought I would post it here. http://www.answers.com/topic/john-robert-gregg The biography looks like a pretty...

25 October 2010

Found such an example of Gregg

http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/wsj-shorthand06082010.pdf This link comes from an article  http://online.wsj.com/a...

24 October 2010

Question on Alphabetic Systems

I am wondering which is the best of the alphabetic systems in existence? Speedwriting seems to have earned the largest market share in its...

14 October 2010

The shorthand study is a little like this.

Attachment: the_shorthand_study_is_a_little_like_this (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)  

Shorthand and Motor Coordination

Attachment: shorthand_and_motor_coordination (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)  

13 October 2010

Good Sense: a necessary practice in the Shorthand Speed Training.

Attachment: good_sense_a_necessary_practice (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)