Borrowing Digital Shorthand Books From Open Library

Here is a great way to look at Gregg Shorthand eBooks published 1923 or later that are not in the public domain.

Open Library has some Gregg Shorthand eBooks that you can borrow for free and read with the free Adobe Digital Editions application.  There are several Gregg Shorthand books that are not in the public domain (copyright 1923 or later).  This is just like checking a book out of a library.  There is a due date.  You can only borrow 5 books at a time.  You check the book back in through the Adobe Digital Editions application.  The books that you can borrow have a "Daisy" logo.  I am not certain how long the checkout period is.  I'm not sure if a book becomes unavailable to others while someone has it checked out.

I recently discovered this.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

I found "Expert shorthand speed course" and "Gregg Dictation and Transcription."  I looked at one of those books.  The image is perfect.  You can read all of the Shorthand.  You can enlarge the print. 

Here is the link to their catalog.

Here is the download page for Adobe Digital Editions.

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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