Functional Method Teacher's Handbook

The choice for this project was determined by the high regard in which the Functional Method is held—and by the great difficulty many have had in obtaining this essential volume. While used copies of the two main Anniversary texts are easily found, the Teacher's Handbook is rarely available.

The Handbook includes nine essays on the philosophy underlying the Method and its approaches. The second section provides overviews of each assignment, which are profitable reading for those us (i.e. most of us) who are studying without the benefit of a teacher. The third section contains the key to the last two chapters in the second volume, which will be especially valued by first-time students!

The fourth section is the big one, a complete index to every word and phrase in the two textbooks, as well as an index to brief forms and special forms. This section turns the two textbooks into a valuable reference, pointing to many word and phrase outlines not included in the dictionary or phrase book.

Since this file will be used primarily for reference, bookmarks open by default.

I'm open to suggestions for the next project!
Attachment: Functional Method Teachers Handbook.pdf

(by Joel for group greggshorthand)

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