Dictation Files, Simplified Functional, Chapter 14, 40-90 wpm

Each zip file contains several mp3's of the same passage at different speeds.

Passage  Topic
117 Mr. White
118 Neighbour, Thomas Cooking Range
119 Mr. Roy
120 To the Staff (book price)
121 18,000 steps


File names are in the format: gsf2-13-110-40-90.zip

gsf2 = Gregg Simplified Functional 2nd Edition
-13 = Lesson 13
-110 = passage 110
-40-90 = speeds from 40-90 wpm in 10wpm increments.

The major difference is the dictation material, and much of that is re-used. Some of the theory is explained differently in later books, but it's still the same theory in each chapter.

I'll prepare and add more as I need them myself. Other commitments keep getting in the way of my shorthand these days.

If you want to prepare some yourself, let me know. If you send me a sound file at close to 60wpm (one word per clock tick) I have a program that will do the rest.

Let me know if any file is too poor quality to use. I experimented with different systems. There's a middle ground between painful-to-use and spending too much time perfecting a file that will only be used for 20 minutes.


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(by Cricket for group greggshorthand)

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