How helpful are the progress times in The Gregg Simplified manual?

I am working through Gregg Simplified Functional Method and at the end of certain chapters there are reading goals by which to measure yourself.  For example, at the end of chapter 3 in lesson 18 there is a list of potential reading times to measure your progress.   The fastest option is 32 wpm and it says "if you can read Assignment 18 the first time in less than 12 minutes, you are doing well indeed."   Jump to assignment 35 and the fastest pace given is 37 wpm with a similar line about doing well if you read it faster.  At the end of assignment 45 the fastest time given was 44 wpm. The last lesson in the book, assignment 70, gives 59 wpm in reading as the top rate.

I find this very encouraging.  i know the assumption is that this is simply the beginning manual and once the theory is learned then during your time in the dictation book your speeds will increase.  Yet it still seems slow.  We talk alot about being able to dictate at no slower a speed than 40 wpm and most of these reading speeds are near this number. One factor is that they specify that you are to time your first reading. 

I just wondered what you all thought.

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)


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