Raleigh Rainbows Key - Chaps 1 - 5

Here is the English key for Raleigh Rainbows, Chapters 1 through 5.  I have the entire 20 chapters in manuscript.  I will type up the others as time allows. 
These chapters are limited to the rules from the corresponding chapters in the 1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual.
Overall, this is a good learning tool, but the story is lame. 
I have removed the earlier document that had Chapters 1 through 3 and replaced it with this document. 
These early chapters are short.  Chapters 1 through 5 are contained on 12 shorthand pages.  The other 15 chapters are contained on Pages 13 through 146.
Attachment: RaleighRainbowsKeyChap1To5.pdf

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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