Finding a class or teacher, or the next best thing

I'm having another go at learning Anniversary. I began by mostly reading using the two "Functional Method" books by Leslie. But I didn't keep at it.

Now as well as me doing it, I may have my assistant learn too. (I wish this stuff was still widely taught such that executive assistants came pre-trained in it!). So that may help in sticking with it. But my ideal would be to find a local teacher or at least someone who is experienced, who could meet with us once or twice a week to push forward our practice. Second best would be some kind of well-designed course, split into clear lessons, that the two of us could pursue ourselves.

So, anyone know of actual classes, or a teacher, or experienced person willing to teach (we'll pay obviously) in Austin, TX?

And/or is there a good step-by-step course we could work through?

Again, it's Anniversary edition I'm interested in.


(by thomsk for group greggshorthand)

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