Dictation Files, Simplified Functional, Chapter 19, 40-90 wpm

Each zip file contains several mp3's of the same passage at different speeds. This batch (chapter 19, 20 and 21) were done by the computer.

Passage  Topic

158 hobby flowers of South book
159 learn in your spare hours Business Review
160 to get ahead in business, girl does not have to look nice, letterhead
161 bookkeeper has just told me
162 really not necessary, Hughes Gift Slip


File names are in the format: gsf2-13-110-40-90.zip

gsf2 = Gregg Simplified Functional 2nd Edition
-13 = Lesson 13
-110 = passage 110
-40-90 = speeds from 40-90 wpm in 10wpm increments.

See this post for more info:

Attachment: gsf2-19-158.zip
Attachment: gsf2-19-159.zip
Attachment: gsf2-19-160.zip
Attachment: gsf2-19-161.zip
Attachment: gsf2-19-162.zip

(by Cricket for group greggshorthand)

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