Looking for a Few Pages from Gregg Writer Sept-Dec 1914 & Aug 1915

I am trying to get a complete scan of the Pre-Anniversary 1902 Serialization of "The Diamond Necklace," which began in the Aug 1914 Gregg Writer.  I already posted Parts 1 through 4 from the 8-1914 Gregg Writer, which cover most of the story.  I suspect that Parts 5 and 6 appeared in the September 1914 Gregg Writer.  It is possible that Part 5 appeared in 9-1914 and Part 6 appeared in 10-1914.  If you have these magazines, I would appreciate your posting scans of the remaining parts for "The Diamond Necklace."  These remaining parts would be on 2 pages.

I am also very interested in getting the English key for "The Diamond Necklace."  The Key for Parts 1 through 4 would appear in the 9-1914 Gregg Writer.  The Key for the remaining parts (5 & 6) would appear in the 10-1914 and possibly 11-1914 editions.

If you happen to have the August 1915 Gregg Writer, I would appreciate a scan of the two pages in the Index that list the Shorthand Plates for 1914-1915.

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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