The Mysterious Winifred Kenna Richmond

It seems that there is so little information about Winifred Kenna Richmond.  This is the woman who created the beautiful shorthand plates for the following green cover Anniversary Novels published between 1931 and 1933.
--A Christmas Carol (1931)
--Creeds of Great Business Men (1932)
--The Diamond Necklace (1933)
--The Great Stone Face (6-1931)
--Hamlet (1931)
--The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1932)
--Letters From a Self-Made Merchant to His Son (1933)
--Man Without a Country (1933?)
--Rip Van Winkle (6-1931)

As Winifred Kenna, she also created the plates for the original PA 1916 version of A Xmas Carol (1918).  In addition, she wrote plates for Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Gregg Shorthand textbooks, readers, and dictionaries. 

The attached Page 76 from the 9-1913 Gregg Writer, shows a nice photo of 19 year-old Winifred Kenna, winner of a Chicago Typewriting Championship.  She was a graduate of the Gregg School in Chicago.  By 1913, she was Stenographer and Assistant to Alice L. Rinne, who was the editor of the Organization of Gregg Artists (OGA) Department for the Gregg Writer.  The 9-1916 Gregg Writer shows that Winifred Kenna took over as editor of the Gregg Writer OGA Department. 

Around 1915, Alice L. Rinne married Hubert A. Hager, Manager of the Gregg Chicago Office.  As Alice Rinne-Hager, she wrote the PA 1902 Sign of the Four in Gregg Shorthand (1915).  She also wrote many of the shorthand plates for Gregg textbooks and the Gregg Writer.  Shortly after her marriage to Hager, she retired, leaving the OGA editor position open for Winifred Kenna. 
Attachment: WinifredKennaContest_GW9-1913.pdf

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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