Diamond Necklace - English Text Key for All Gregg Shorthand Versions

Attached is English text version of the 1914 Pre-Anniversary (1902) Serialization of "The Diamond Necklace."  This is from the September and October 1914 Gregg Writer. 

This key is significant because it is the same text used for all 4 Gregg Shorthand versions of "The Diamond Necklace":  PA 1902 (1914), PA 1916 (1923), Anniversary (1931), Anniversary (1933). 

As the original language for "The Diamond Necklace" was French, there are dozens of English translations that vary greatly.  This translation is from "The Riverside Literature Series."  It long out of print and not easy to find.

The edits might vary between the Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Gregg Shorthand versions, but this is definitely the English text version used for all of them.

Attachment: DiamondNecklacePA1902_GW1914_Key.pdf

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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