I bought an Esterbrook fountain pen and a Gregg nib (#1555).  In installed the nib on the pen easily. The outlines I write with it are very clear; but the point scratches.  Also, even though the pen has been reconditioned, and its bladder has been replaced, it seems not to hold much ink.  I must refill it after writing only a few pages.  In contrast, the Sheaffer I use for longhand writing has a medium point, which writes smoothly.  The pen has an excellent ink capacity, and the ink flows from it very smoothly.  Unfortunately, small circles and hooks written with the medium point tend to fill in.
I have tried using a cheap ballpoint and have found it quite satisfactory.   I wonder, however, whether using it will lead me into writing sloppy outlines.  I assume that Dupraw and others who counseled writers to use fountain pens did so for good reasons.

(by Bruce E. for group greggshorthand)

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