Georgie Gregg Got Married 10-1-1919

Georgie Gregg, niece of John Gregg and daughter of Jared Gregg, went to live with her Uncle in New York in 1912 at the age of 17.

She wrote Shorthand Plates for the Gregg Writer from around 1916 through 1919.  She also wrote the Shorthand Plates for:
--Creeds of Great Business Men - 1918 (Serialized in Gregg Writer 9-16 to 2-18)
--Letters From a Self-Made Merchant to His Son - 1918
--Alice in Wonderland - 1919
--The Diamond Necklace - 1923 as Georgie Gregg Gingell

I just found the following in the 12-1919 Gregg Writer:
P. 167, Editorial Brevities:
"Many of our readers will be interested to hear of the marriage of Miss Georgie Gregg, niece of the editor, who has been writing the shorthand plates for this magazine and for our other publications until recently.  On October 1 Miss Gregg was married to Mr. Louis B. Gingell, of Birmingham, England.  The ceremony took place at Sefton Church, Liverpool, England, and was attended by relatives of both bride and groom.  The young couple will make their home at Lima, Peru."

(by Paul for group greggshorthand)

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