A Descent Into The Maelstrom PA 1916 - Published Oct 1928


At long last, we have a scan of the rare "A Descent Into The Maelstrom" in Gregg Shorthand.  The link about is from the Louis A. Leslie Collection at Rider.  I called them about the book last month when I learned that it was in their collection.  They told me that it was due to be scanned this month.  They sent me an email today telling me that it was scanned and gave me the link.  It works.  And the scan is great.

Per the printer's code J-54, this copy was printed in October 1928.  I read somewhere that this book was first published in 1928.  This book was published in England and the US simultaneously without a copyright notice on the verso of the title page, so it went into the public domain when it was published in 1928.

This book is likely so rare because it came out less than a year before the 1929 Anniversary book and it was written in pre-anniversary 1916 Shorthand.

This book has Shorthand plates by Georgie Gregg Gingell, John Gregg's niece.  I read through a few pages and verified that the plates are written in Pre-Anniversary Shorthand, which matches the 1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual.  Word like "Upon" (PN) and the missing "of the" between words close together are there.

The shorthand seems very neat.  What makes this book unusual is that all commas are included. 

This British edition includes photos and detailed descriptions of the pre-Anniversary novels written in Gregg Shorthand.

Here is a link to a public domain Edgar Allen Poe collection that includes the English text of this short story.

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