How to Read Gregg Pub Co Printers Codes - Revised

Attached is a revised version of my earlier document explaining how to read Gregg Publishing Company printers codes to determine the year and month of the press run for a copy of a Gregg book. 

Originally, my investigation indicated that a month/year code (e.g. A-54)  was used in the press run date segment of the printers code on the copyright page of a Gregg book through December 1941.  Starting in January 1942, I believed that the actual Month and year was used in the printers code (e.g. March-1942). 

Recently I found a copy of Functional Method Part 2 copyright 1936 with the printers code A-65 for January 1942.  On the other hand, copies of the Anniversary editions of Rip Van Winkle and The Great Stone Face were found with printers codes that started with March-1942.

I am trying to determine exactly when Gregg switched from the month/year code to the actual year in the printers code.  Please look in your Anniversary books for a printers code that has 65 (for 1942) or the actual year 1942.  I am especially interested finding books with printers codes for January, February, March, or April 1942.  I suspect that there was some overlap in printers code systems and that the transition was not clean.  The likely place to find these codes would be in those Green Cover Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Novels, as many of them were re-printed in 1942.

Thanks in advance for any discoveries.
Attachment: HowToReadGreggPrintersCodesV2.pdf

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