More Dictation Qs

We have discussed this before over several threads but i would like some clarification.  In one of my posts asking about dictation, the advice was to use audio dictation from the beginning - to record and replay at a slow pace and writing with the book open. In another thread here, Carlos, you gave some great advice about beginning with shorter takes. I like both of these ideas but i am trying to reconcile them with the instruction in the beginning of the functional method books  which is to "read a convenient group of words from the printed shorthand: then write the group, reading aloud as you write." This is from the functional method manual which includes the key in the back. So it seems that Leslie is not even considering  the concept of "self dictation" in the beginning.

A problem i have had with writing from the printed shorthand is that though i begin by reading a few words or a sentence and then write them from memory, i then begin to just look at an outline and then write it with no need for recall.  So there seems to be three levels: 1) copying from the shorthand plates, 2) looking at the keys and writing without looking at the shorthand (unless there is a question) and 3) to record and write from a dictation file.  Is the best plan to do some form of all three?  Maybe to copy the entire lesson once, then do a portion of it from the back working on recall and finally to follow Carlos's advice and do a minute or so from recorded material building up the amount of time and the speed as i go?

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)

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