31 May 2011

Expert Shorthand Speed Course Teacher's Handbook - online

The University of Pittsburgh has posted the Expert Shorthand Speed Course: Teacher's Handbook (Anniversary) at their Nietz archive of ol...

30 May 2011

The Runaway Monkeys

This selection appeared in the May 1963 issue of Today's Secretary and it is written in Simplified. Attachment: the-runaway-monkeys....

Down to the Sea

An interesting selection about turtles that appeared in the June 1935 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: down-to-the-sea.pdf

From Coast to Coast

This essay describes the different regions of the United States (as of 1936!). From the June 1936 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachmen...

The Widow with Unique Ideas on Profit

A nice tale written in Anniversary that appeared in the June 1936 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: the-widow-with-unique-ideas-on-pr...

Penmanship Practice - June 2011

Penmanship Practice - June 2011 From the June 1936 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click on the images for full view. Attachment: oga-ju...

Problems with images on posts

There appears to be a small problem with images on posts. After a while, Multiply deletes the original image, and stores a reduced sized cop...

29 May 2011

Former Platewriter

Glad to have found this site! I learned Gregg Shorthand (Diamond Jubilee Series) when I was in college preparing to be a business ed. teache...

27 May 2011

Finding a class or teacher, or the next best thing

I'm having another go at learning Anniversary. I began by mostly reading using the two "Functional Method" books by Leslie. Bu...

Help on Anniversary outline

Hi there, I found an outline that I've never seen, nor can I find it in any dictionaries.  It appears to be a dis-joined right-s prefi...

26 May 2011

Still Here, or at Least Next Door

No, I haven't given up Gregg, the dictation program, or the set of files for Simplified, but life's gotten busy for a bit. All good ...

21 May 2011

Tales From Shakespeare: Hamlet - December 1931 - Matches Anniversary Manual

This is the second Gregg Shorthand version of Hamlet written in Gregg Shorthand. This version was published in December 1931 to match the...

09 May 2011

Taking the King's Speech

Hi Everyone, I came across this fascinating article at ShorthandWorld and thought I'd post it here for those who don't follow th...

05 May 2011

Text to sound conversion now available.

Any text file, at speeds of 25wpm through 140, with any interval using Cepstral's Lawrence voice. Free, but I'd like to share the ...

04 May 2011

Penmanship Practice - May 2011 # 2

From the May 1937 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click on the image to enlarge. Attachment: oga-may37-jr.gif

Penmanship Practice - May 2011 # 1

From the May 1937 issue of the Gregg Writer. Click on the image to enlarge. Attachment: oga-may37-sr.gif


This story in four parts, written in Anniversary, appeared in the March-June 1937 issues of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: amici.pdf

Sea Floor's Rainbow

A short essay on sea life that appeared on the March 1937 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: sea-floors-rainbow.pdf

The Fox Who Fed Himself Through Flattery

A short story written in Anniversary, from The Gregg Writer (May 1935). Attachment: the-fox-who-fed-himself-through-flattery.pdf

Shorthand in Russia.

Shorthand in Russia. Two interesting videos about the revival of shorthand in Russia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXz3CCRK_e8 htt...