30 July 2011

Shorthand: an invention by greeks or romans?

Attachment: shorthand_an_invention_by_greeks_or_romans.pdf (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)

29 July 2011

Group Cleanup 2011

Be aware that I'm cleaning the membership lists from members that have not posted nor lurked in over a year. If I erase your name by mi...

28 July 2011

shorthand progress

Hello everyone, I've been working at the Anniversary Edition about an hour every other day for a couple months now, and I'm findi...

27 July 2011

Looking for a Few Pages from Gregg Writer Sept-Dec 1914 & Aug 1915

I am trying to get a complete scan of the Pre-Anniversary 1902 Serialization of "The Diamond Necklace," which began in the Aug 191...

Diamond Necklace - PreAnniversary 1902 - August 1914 Gregg Writer Serialized

Attached is an incomplete serialization of "The Diamond Necklace" in Pre-Anniversary 1902 Gregg Shorthand.  This version was never...

The Mysterious Winifred Kenna Richmond

It seems that there is so little information about Winifred Kenna Richmond.  This is the woman who created the beautiful shorthand plates fo...

26 July 2011

Writing in shorthand with large or small signs?

Attachment: writing_in_shorthand_with_large_or_small_signs.pdf (by Waldir for group greggshorthand)  

25 July 2011

Words: Their Spelling, Pronunciation, Definition and Application, by SoRelle and Kitt

Someone has written the shorthand outlines for many of the words in this book.  On some pages, they are barely visible, other pages quite cl...

24 July 2011

Dictation Files, Simplified Functional, Chapter 21, 40-90 wpm

Each zip file contains several mp3's of the same passage at different speeds. Passage  Topic 178 taking care of your clothing wants ...