29 December 2011

Key for Preanniversary

Hello everybody! I wonder if there's a key for the exercises in Preanniversary book, edition 1916. I mean for this one: "Gregg S...

28 December 2011

List of Gregg Shorthand Novels For Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Shorthand

Here is my latest list of Gregg Novels for Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary Shorthand.  These are all in the public domain due to non-copyrig...

23 December 2011

1893 Gregg Manual Parts I and 2 - 1895 edition

Here is a PDF with the 1893 Gregg's Shorthand Manual.  This is the 1895 edition.  This has Parts 1 and 2.  Previously, I have only seen ...

18 December 2011

Teacher's Handbook for Gregg Speed Building For Colleges

I am looking ahead at my copy of Gregg Speed Building for Colleges Simplified and would like to know exactly what the plan was for each type...

How to Read Gregg Pub Co Printers Codes - Revised

Attached is a revised version of my earlier document explaining how to read Gregg Publishing Company printers codes to determine the year an...

12 December 2011

More Dictation Qs

We have discussed this before over several threads but i would like some clarification.  In one of my posts asking about dictation, the advi...

11 December 2011

Gallery of Shorthand

Maybe someone has missed it: http://www.galleryofshorthand.org/ ( by Osvaldo for group greggshorthand)