A List of Changes in the New Gregg Shorthand Manual

This booklet was published in 1949 to acquaint teachers of shorthand with the changes in the Simplified series and manual, as compared to the Anniversary edition. It details the changes in the areas of presentation of material, principles of the system, brief forms, phrasing, and miscellaneous rules. While the material may not be that useful for current students of the system, it presents a head-to-head comparison of Simplified with the additional nuances of Anniversary, and may be useful to those curious to find out what was changed and those who desire to switch at some point.

Although the conception of the Simplified series passed through many draft revisions, it is nice to have a publication that explains the changes and the authors' reasoning behind those changes in the final product.
Attachment: a-list-of-changes-in-the-new-gregg-shorthand-manual.pdf

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