Donation of Shorthand Materials

Andrew Owen forwarded me the following email from a charity organization requesting donations of beginner Gregg shorthand books. If you can donate for this cause, the contact information is below.


Hello Andrew:

I am an ambassador for Gregg Shorthand, even though I am now retired from business and industry. I learned Gregg from 1965 to 1967 (high school), fell in love with the system, and attained an Associate Degree in executive secretarial sciences in January 1970. In 1971, the opportunity to teach high school seniors Gregg Notetaking presented itself, and since that first group of about 50 students, I have had the privilege to teach the skill to over 3,000 students (college, workplace, technical training programs). My Gregg shorthand skill positioned me to work with executives in diverse industries, and also positioned me to learn important lessons concerning leadership and management, and to advance my career and income potential.

I am excited about the opportunity to teach the Gregg Shorthand skill to "at risk" youth at a juvenile center in Butner, NC. I anticipate that there will be approximately 20 teenaged young men. I am writing to determine if you may have beginner books that you would like to donate to this very important initiative, or if you can direct me to someone who may be able to assist.

Thanks for your consideration. I may be reached at (919) 380-8607.

Ronald Lewis, President
People Care Outreach Ministries
(919) 380-8607